I have been researching quite a bit on affiliate marketing for the last few months and came up with some wonderful opportunities to generate income from this method of sales. We all have to sell some product or service to generate income/livelihood, be it a job or a self employed stream of income.

As humans we like to share with others the experience of a new product or service we have used. More often than not this is done without any monetary gain. However how cool it would be if we could do the same sharing with a small income generated when the person with whom we share the experience ends up buying the product without paying any additional cost that what you have paid. That is the philosophy behind affiliate marketing. Its a perfect example of maximizing the effort.

A wonderful place to learn affiliate marketing is SFI. It has an online store called Tripleclicks from where we can choose products and purchase them and then share the experience with our friends and we get paid when the friends buy the product. We also generate income if any of our sponsors end up making a sale.

Amazon Associates and Clickbank are  other great platforms to practice and earn online income by sharing good products and services.  There are many others for those willing to explore.

Income generation may not be fast and big immediately. However over a period of time it will turn into a big asset specially if we can use digital marketing techniques to enhance sales. Nevertheless any income is better than nothing.

So go out there and explore Affiliate Marketing!!!!

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