hen Should I Retire? This is one question that normally haunts a person for almost all of his/her work career. The great books lay out a basic guideline which may sound impractical in today nuclear families and with those who do not prefer to have kids at all. This guideline says: “When anyone of our children start earning, they should take responsibility for the rest of the family and  we should retire”. With the ones who prefer not to have children, the question of retirement does not arise at all. I will focus the discussion on the people who need (by the end of the article this thought may change) retirement.

I look at retirement a bit differently, for me it means breakaway from a  full time job. It does not mean that I should stop working completely and stay around advising people on stuff that I know nothing about. Instead I would love to invest my time today in building a career after full time employment  that lets me do some stress free non target oriented work and also provides me a sustained source of income that helps me lead a steady lifestyle without compromising on things I really need.  So that breakaway need not happen at the age of 55-60, it can happen anytime, the day I have a system ready and working for me. This can be achieved by learning some skills and becoming real good at it, real estate, shares, teaching, counseling, training, blogging, consulting etc can be great sustained career opportunities.  I plan to travel the world and blog a lot on the places i visit. Health is another area of focus specifically natural healing and living without medicines. If I have spare money i will also build a sports complex, its a lifelong source of income and social fulfillment.

Please share your thoughts. Building a corpus and living on Fixed deposit interest for me is the most primitive means to retirement for me.

So start investing time and money into a  building a system that will never give you a thought of retirement!!!! Go Explore!!!


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