A few decades ago, the demand was for developing skills to provide qualified manpower for the industries. The education program in schools and colleges were focused on this very demand.  However as the decades rolled on this demand declined sharply and the skill development programme in our education institutes became more and more job specific than general in nature. Today required skills for any specific industry is easy to acquire and does not require 3 and 4 years of specialized education. Technology has been evolving faster  than the education system can cope up with. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have eaten away many jobs.  I recently outsourced a website development activity to a 10th grade duo and they have been happy creating it. It was unfathomable doing something like this a few years ago.

Job Seekers are now faced with a big challenge-A challenge to survive in an ever competitive advanced industrial scene. Though there has been signs of revamping the education system to provide students with a more dynamic and sustained career option, it is nowhere close to sustainable for a large proportion of job seekers. Unemployment has become the biggest challenge to emerge as a result.

In the midst of all this turmoil in the employment circles, there has been one industry that is becoming the “Go-To” zone. It is an industry called “Direct Selling“. The industry has become a rage today with more and more players taking to this model. The way the industry works is to help job seekers change their mindset from a “Reach In” (Get into an organization and grow within the ranks) tendency to a “Reach Out”(Establish oneself in multiple markets around the globe and provide leadership and direction to the society at large) tendency.

A huge lack of awareness and negative publicity has only dampened its growth and penetration but its only a matter of time before people realize its potential and swarm in. The early entrants reap the benefit. The industry helps people maximize their earnings and create residual/passive income for the long term. The growth is exponential in nature but the potential to earn is limitless. It can be done part time thus creating additional sources of income and requires very low start up cost (3000-15000 USD) and there is no recurring expenses. No physical office space required, no stocking or goods required, no staff requirements. The biggest skill required is people skills and an intention to help others. If one can follow standard operation processes the industry will help one create a retirement income is as few as 4-5 years. Life after that will be the one you like to lead.

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  1. great observation strongly put to words.Well written.Its high time people think about changing the existing languid educational scenario.

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