I heard a great speech  from a world renowned economic analyst and businessman. He spoke about the threshold of success. It was such a powerful statement. It goes like this ” The time taken for every one to attain success in what one does is the same irrespective of the domain of practice, place of practice or age of the person at which he/she starts”. Sounds illogical? Agree/Disagree? You can have your own opinion. Here is how I understood.

We often see someone who started with us go miles ahead of us in terms of success in the same amount of time doing the same kind of work. We feel these people have luck going for them or they were at the right place at the right time so on and so forth. Here is a story to illustrate the essence of what I am getting to. Once a group of saints went to Lord Vishnu and asked Him. Oh Lord!! We have been doing penance for so many years and you have not bothered to look at us while this boy Dhruva who is a small boy was blessed by You to attain Moksha”. The Lord smiled and replied. “Follow Me” He instructed. The group followed the Lord to the top of a snow clad hill and there they saw the skeletal remains of a sage in a meditative sitting.  The Lord then said ” That is Dhruva in his previous life. He has spent several such lives. It is only that he finished his penance in his current life when he was still a boy.” The group understood and went on their way to continue their penance.

Every person on the path to success has to cross these 5 stages:

  1. Acceptance that he or she has the potential to become successful. It starts here.
  2. Belief in oneself and faith in the endeavor that he or she is pursuing success in.
  3. Knowledge acquisition in the area of practice.
  4. Ownership of the responsibilities that entail such a pursuit.
  5. Action  by putting into effect what he or she has learnt leading to success without losing focus.

Everybody that crosses these 5 stages in the pursuit of success has reached a milestone called the Threshold of Success and will reach the destination in the same time from hereon.

Its only that we see people at different stages towards the Threshold of Success and our perception makes us believe that someone got there faster that us.

Think of It!!!! What stage are you at as of now in your journey to success!!!!

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