One of the biggest decisions one has to make in life when he or she turns adult is the choice of career. This also happens to be one of the most difficult decisions to make for most people in an ever changing environment. From my experience spanning 20+years and having tried out different things and in fact still doing so, the decision can be directed at 4 broad categories.

  1. Find a Job: This is the career which is easiest to start with based on the theoretical skills one has acquired over their educational journey. However it is also the worst source of ethical income. You end up being exploited over the long term. Even today many prefer this career option maybe due to lack of awareness or due to the fear of failure in a better option.
  2. Self Employed: Become a professional. A better choice when compared to a job, but requires more skills and it has a bigger learning curve with little support. In the long term it gives you a bigger lifestyle, more self esteem and a sense of achievement when compared to a job. The doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants with their own practice are good examples. Sportsperson, shopkeepers and small business owners also fall in to this category.
  3. Businessman: In both the above categories, the source of income is called an active source which means you earn till the time you work and the day you stop working the income stops as well.  The Businessman may start with a self employed endeavor but soon builds a system that works for him, a system that consists of employees and self employed people who work for him. Eventually the businessman makes an income even when he stops working as a shareholder. This career option has an exponential income growth.
  4. Investors: I call them the smartest of them all. The people who choose investing as a career option are generally good decision makers and build up a reliable smart system that is completely passive in nature over the long term. Examples are share market experts, real estate investors, angel funding and investors in other businesses.  Investment need not be all about money, it can be about time and that is where I find this option having great career potential compared to the other three option out there.

As you go down from option 1 to 4 the risks obviously increase but so do the returns. In fact one can choose a combination of these as well. The income vs effort for these options go from directly proportional to inversely proportional in the long term This means the effort required to increase your income reduces over the long term for businessmen and investors compared to employees and self employed.

So choose your career wisely!!!! No risk is the biggest risk!!!!

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