Recently I learnt about the 3 D’s of success from a person who has seen the pinnacle of success against a series of challenges. How fortunate I feel having heard him in a live event.

The 3 D’s are Decision, Discipline and Delight!!!!!


Decision is the easiest part However it is also the part that people hesitate the most even if their heart says “Yes-Go for it”. The general tendency is to analyze and then take no decision. Analysis leads to Paralysis is an absolute truth.

Discipline is the hardest part of the three D’s. It requires sustained effort for a longer duration of time. Most of those who make a decision do not have the discipline to follow up on their decision and bite the dust in the process.

The final D stands for delight and is a direct outcome of the first 2 D’s. Delight as a result of decisions and discipline lasts for a long time and is the most emotionally satisfying of the three D’s.

Put the three D’s into practice for every opportunity that comes your way and life will be an adventure worth living out.!!!!


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