I was on a small discussion on a subject called “Being Human” that deals with the body, mind, heart and soul of the human. This topic is now widely discussed  in the industry circles especially  corporate with a view to increase employee engagement and thereby their morale and productivity.  Multiple studies have revealed that a healthy person (body, mind, heart and soul) is more likely to produce better results irrespective of the stress, meaning healthy people can manage stress better. There are examples of companies like Caterpillar who used this concept to turnaround their fortunes from a struggling entity to a industry leader.

I would like to focus on the subject of Engagement on this post. Engagement is not only the availability of a person on what he/she does for a living be it a job or business or pertaining to actual relationships like marriage but also relates to the relationships maintained with peers and partners.

Engagement is really the smoothness of the relationship we maintain with everyone around us be it at work or home.  Its not enough for us to keep ourselves involved but we also need to make the others around us feel valued and part of the relationship. Our efforts should be to make sure we maintain and build a relationship that is long lasting. This will keep us stress free and away from credit mongers, naysayers and people of that sorts.

It is easier said that done and we need to be careful not to overindulge in others lives to maintain such relationships. On the training we learnt this triple S formula-Say, Stay and Strive. Say is to speak out  your mind to others and keep interesting conversations going. Next is to stay in touch and keep exchanging ideas and wishing them good when an opportunity presents itself.  Finally there is an effort involved in maintaining a great relationship and all our efforts should be focused on engagement for the long term, the more the better.

So Engage and remain engaged!!!!!

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