As a human race having three layers of brain one more than other mammals from the animal kingdom, we have a great power that these animals don’t have and that is the Power to Discriminate!!!! The power to discriminate allows the humans to make a choice before an act can be performed. Animals on the other hand have only one choice-they go with the natural instinct, which means they live by nature and they die by nature. Humans on the other hand can hold on that extra moment and make a choice based on rationality of the situation and even think out of the box.

That brings me to am intriguing discussion, the human beings choice of lifestyle. Most humans, I will count out the elevated souls and renunciations, have a tendency to elevate their lifestyle when their environment allows them to. Let me elaborate. Humans decide on their lifestyle based on what they have in excess. If we have more money that what is needed to sustain life we will most certainly spend on improving our external appearance and our lifestyle such a moving from two wheeler to a four wheel vehicle, traveling international from domestic, wearing branded and so on. On the contrary very few will retain their lifestyle from what it was when they were less privileged or deprived of the ability to own these luxuries. We don’t think of giving away what we got to others who could come to where we are. Only when we have so much that we can no longer elevate our lifestyles any further do we think about giving away our excesses.  This applies to most of our possessions like relationships, knowledge, skill and off course money.

We despise the increase in prices of essentials such as petrol and daily consumptive foods but we ca at the same time afford to spend  for a birthday party or vacation, the repercussions of which may last much longer. This is where the power to discriminate takes over the natural urge to be cautionary.

The power to discriminate however comes from the presumptive data that we store in our brains from past experiences that are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or gustatory. The fact is that such data may not be holistically accurate and hence the choices we make may not often be the most prudent choice even if we have a great measure of the logic and analysis required to make such decisions. It is also true that the best results come from the most illogical or irrational decisions we make when facing a situation.

The Choice of Lifestyle is such a choice, mostly illogical and irrational when thought of holistically.!!!!! So don’t be afraid of making those straight from the gut decisions, they may turn up to be life changing ones.!!!!

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