Not many know that Facebook has 1.6 Billion users and growing.  While Facebook makes a ton of money with this huge customer base, it also gives the customers a big opportunity to reach out with their online/offline businesses to this entire gold mine of Facebook users.

Majority of Users on Facebook use it as a medium of seeking information and entertainment. There are others who spend most of their time on Facebook connecting with friends and making sure they stay updated with their whereabouts.

Now consider this scenario, if you had a product or service that you could advertise to a targeted group of people who are on the lookout for such products or services. Facebook has so much information on users and their behaviors that you can pin point your advertising to specific users. For e.g. you have a great recipe book that you wish to sell, you can go to Facebook and target consumers who are say homemakers and belong to the restaurant or food business. Imagine the conversion you would get compared to advertising in a newspaper column or TV.

So if you have a growing business and would like to learn how to put Facebook to and make the best use of your advertising, click on this link and select a program that works within your budget.  Once you learn Facebook advertising, you can  use Facebook as a very powerful medium to grow your business or passion. You can do your advertising free or paid, you have both options thereafter.

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