A few years ago I heard this wonderful story of a rich young man who suffered from a chronic Migraine problem.  His search for solace ended when he found the best doctor on the planet beyond which there was no way ahead. Based on the best recommendation he could receive from the best in the business he got his genitals operated upon and Lo and Behold the Chronic pain went away.

The relief bought another pain though, not physical but emotional. He would never be a father again.

Well desolate, but fighting on he decided to spend the rest of his life on the beaches since he had all the money and nothing to live for.  He went to the best Garment Store in town and was assisted by a smart salesman with years of experience with a skill to guess size fittings by just looking at the customer. One by one the rich man bought all that he needed and each time the salesman guessed the right size. The rich man was extremely impressed by this rare skill. However when it came to the underwear the salesman guessed one size over. The rich man chucked …”For once you are wrong my friend, I have been wearing this size ever since I grew to be an adult”, and the salesman’s reply shocked him beyond repair…”I have no problem Sir, but persisting with this size may lead to chronic Migraine”.

I am sure we all faced this situation in life. Something that could have been resolved by a simple change becomes an irreversible pain when we fail to explore better options for ourselves. The best Recommendations may not come from the best source all the time. So keep your eyes and ears open when you are faced with a challenging situation in life.

The Solution to the most complex problems may just be a simple change.

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