This morning my spiritual guide called me to translate the conversation between a spiritual guru and his disciple who was trying to bring back to normalcy a fellow disciple who had gone into a state of coma as he could not control the energy he had gained through unaided meditation. I had a chance to decipher the message that the guru was trying to send across to his disciple. He said that the path to achieve spiritual state of bliss through meditation is to go step by step under strict guidance whereby the seeker can come back to a normal state after reaching the blissful stage. However this particular seeker had gone full steam without instruction and ended up reaching the state but not knowing how to come back to normalcy. Any instruction given to him now to come back will yield no result as this seeker is not in a position to grasp what is being passed on. The outcome is now a painful wait to see one of two things happen. One that the seeker regains normalcy miraculously or leaves his body behind to another realm.

As I sat pondering the events and the fate of the seeker, I started relating it to the people who become successful in their own professions and businesses. I realized that it comes about as a measure of a relentless disciplined step by step effort where the achiever is able to come back to any step in the journey and make his way ahead to the pinnacle. However someone who gains his successes by jumping steps will not know what to do when the summit is reached and either fails to hold on there or comes crashing down to an earlier step in his journey and yet again may not know what to do to go back to the summit.

On the contrary the one who follows a strict step by step process understands his journey throughout the way and can regain his stride from any step along the way if he had to come back there. InĀ  one of the training I attended recently the participants were asked this question “Of Structure and Function, which one follows the other”? s in any training there were both answers.

The trainer went on to explain: If I end up with a slip disc due to wrong sitting and working postures, the doctor will treat me and then ask me to correct my postures. If i were to go back to the old routine the slip disc will came back to haunt me. So in this case the right structure was ruined by a wrong function. So structure always follows function. The right function will lead to and retain the structure at all times.

So a step by step approach is always the best way to leading a great life. Keep doing your action without worrying about the results. The results are bound to follow. That’s the law of the Universe. Though it goes against the prevalent thought that every action should be result oriented in he management circles. An recent movie dialogue just endorses this perception thatĀ  in the Universe everything is not logical, somethings are magical!!!!.


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