On my recent visit to one of the most developed countries in the world, I was really amazed at the culture of cleanliness and the respect the men and women had for co-workers at he workplace. While this was a great attribute compared to the work culture in India, I also found out that outside of work the the citizens off course had wonderful government support structure in terms of infrastructure, public services, best of medical care, senior citizen support, unemployment benefits, affordable education and credit which again falls way short of the benchmark in India when compared to developed countries. Blame the magnitude of population for this and off course lack of awareness on how a good society functions.

Having said all of this one thing i did observe that was no different to the people in our country was the condition of the middle class. Even with all the facilities mentioned above, life for the not so rich people is still a struggle. They all are in survival mode and have limited choices to live a lifestyle of their choice. So if you end up buying a home you are bound to give up 20 years of your desired lifestyle to continue owning the home. Not different from the developing nations isn’t it?

Its like travelling in the first class or second class compartment of a train vs traveling in an airplane. The rich can afford the airplane travel as often as they want. However the ones in survival mode can only afford the train, travel conditions may differ though. Does it really matter for the wealthy where they live? It doesn’t. The wealthy men and women create a world for themselves that is different from mediocre people. They can surround themselves with all they need and more in whatever place they are.

So for those migrating out of India to another country for a better lifestyle do understand that all you are getting is an upgrade from second class to first class in the same train. For people who wish to fly, the conditions on the earth do not matter.

I strongly feel that the greatest change we all need to bring about is in ourselves is to develop a mindset that takes us out of the survival mode to the discriminatory world of true freedom to live life to the fullest.

Mere survival is an animal mentality and its not the reason for us to be born as human beings. As a species, human beings like all other worldly species will become extinct. Extinction is the rule, survival is only an exception.  We are not born to survive. We have been born as human beings which is the highest form of worldly life, not just to survive  but to pave the way to blissful times beyond earthly existence.

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