Here are a list of top 5 potential career options one can combine with a job or do full time based on his/her risk appetite.

  1. Direct Selling: It is said to be the biggest alternative for unemployment. The industry provides a huge range of options if you are ready to stick it out. Its USD 200 bn in size as of today and growing very fast. Requires low capital and time to grow. Skills are easy to acquire if you have the willingness to stick it out. Risks are relatively low if you choose the right company and its a system that is guaranteed for success if you are game to go the distance.
  2. Digital Marketing: This option entails harnessing the amazing power of the internet. Skills are a bit technical but not hard to acquire, start up costs are small and income generation is exponential in nature if you stick it out and be up to date with the latest trends. There are a host of different options such as SEO, app development, Affiliate Marketing, Content style, consultancy type,Email Marketing etc that form the gamut of income generating sources in Digital marketing. Its a huge industry with immense potential for the computer savvy. All it needs is a computer and internet as infrastructure components and affordable costs for hosting and maintaining a website.
  3. Training: This is again a very lucrative career option and can yield some great long term benefits if the courses are relevant and timely. The range is big…motivation, new technology, sports and personality development.
  4. Special Homes: If you have the means to raise capital and arrange for a decent piece of land, a special home is something you can consider. Special homes for special children, depressed minds, old age and/or deprived people. Its a very social occupation and need of the hour. Instead of spending the excess money in a second home you can consider this as a worthy choice.
  5. Integrated Services:  If you can put together a group of freelance individuals who can work on a range of low skilled physical tasks such as plumbing, electrician tasks, cleaning and sanitation, gardening, le concierge services etc becomes a great income source in the long term as such services are no longer available at hand.

There are many more but I chose these based on their potential to serve society at large, satisfaction levels and stress free nature of these careers.

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