This post is for those who are newbies into the world of work from home businesses, are seeking opportunities to build a second or even multiple sources of Income using the power of the internet, or even for those who area bit experienced and have not found any breakthrough yet with what they have tried to date.

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The intent here is to help create income streams that when used wisely will help create money on demand.

Firstly there is the Forex Industry, a 5.3 trillion USD domain which even dwarfs the stock markets that is at 40 Billion USD.

Many believe Forex is trading is akin to gambling. However with the right knowledge it can be the biggest money spinners and does not need much skills and time. To Learn More look at one of these programs:

Layers of Leadership: A great platform to gain quality education on the Forex Market as well as some fantastic Sales and Marketing opportunities using the power of the Internet. Also there is a Facebook Group consisting of experts that will guide you build this business. Remember this is the biggest Industry in the world and it is 200 years old, the returns are very big and fast but the money comes only when you trade. You stop trading and the money also stops.

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For those who know about the Forex Market and would like to start trading here is a great trading service. You can use their demo account to become comfortable with your trades before you start actual trading:

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The Second Money on Demand Opportunity takes a bit of time to set up and involves advertising and promoting products and services on the internet. Once setup it provides a unlimited stream of residual income without you having to spend lots of time on the computer.

Here is a summary of these businesses: in order of Investments starting from lowest to highest. Please note the higher investment businesses provide high ticket commissions per referral or sale while the lower investment options take longer to build and needs more time to be spent on the internet. The reason for this is that the high ticket affiliate programs do the work for us while in the lower commission programs we have to do a lot of work  ourselves. It’s trading time for money. Lets look at some good ones here.


SFIBuilding Something GreatAffiliate Business-No Joining Fees. Income Generation by building a team through advertising on social media or by promoting the company’s products online. No face to face interaction required. Enjoy the program with lot of games and forums.

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GDI-Technology – This is a online business that will generate significant income from the comforts of the home. In this case, we promote the company’s domain, hosting and email services for a USD 10$ subscription and we get 10% commissions up to 5 levels of the team we build. The team also helps us with the initial sign ups for some simple activity we need to perform on a daily basis.

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Noble8Building a business through Charity-This is a great business for those who love Philanthropy. Requires a one time investment for USD 25$ and 3 referrals who can also donate for the same cause and the business is underway. The company sends 10% of all revenue for building a Billion Dollar Fund for Humanitarian Aid.  For more information,

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EasyCAshForAds-Advertising:   Start this business with a one time investment of $19 USD. Very low risk and very high income building potential through repetitive $10 USD commissions. All you need to do is refer 3 individuals like you would do in the Noble8 opportunity business. Watch the video. It is very powerful one for the risk averse.

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Easy1Up:-Online Business  Training: This a wonderful internet marketing system that pays commissions starting from $25USD to $2000 USD for every sale made on the internet.  I guess its one of the very few companies that give 100% commissions on the sale made for a small admin fee, if not the only one.  For those who are game for earning big commissions for the work they do this is a great program. You can Join the program Free of cost…but commissions will be payable and you get access to training only when you purchase one of the products.

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Super Affiliate NetworkInternet marketing Training: Use the power of the Internet to make very high commissions starting for USd 25$ to USD 5500$ per sale depending on our positioning. Investment can be as low as USD 47$ per month to USD 25000$ depending on how much commissions one would like to earn. The company offers one on one coaching to setup the business and have a very good support structure as well. This business also needs some monthly expenses for advertising which converts into big sales. Requires only USD 1$ to explore the entire business model.

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TrafficWave.Net: Every Internet Business require two important components. One is the AutoResponder(AR) and the other is the Capture Page. Autoresponders keeps a track of all the prospects who provided their Email ID and showed interest in their programs and Capture Pages are the web form where prospects enter their Email ID and Name. TrafficWave.Net is a very economic AR and has a flat monthly fee compared to some of the high profile ones such as Aweber. It also offers an affiliate program that can create a great income stream by itself apart from the Autoresponder services.

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Online Sales Pro: Online Sales Pro is a great Capture Page provider and many of the affiliate programs have linked up with Online Sales Pro. We can create or use capture pages from OSP and also link them to AR’s very easily.

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PlugInProfitSystem (PIPS): This is a system promoted by a successful online marketer names Stone Evans. The advantage of PIPS is that you can sign up on a number of programs and track the stats on one page. You have to just key in your username or affiliate ID for the programs you have signed up for and this program will track the activities for you. You need to pay $10 USD  one time for the website and you also get %5 USD for every referral.

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Biztani-Food-This is for my friends in India. This company with a vision to make India the first 100% organic food consumer in the world is a great social cause business to represent. You can be a consumer or Distributor and earn some very significant income. A No Brainer really for everyone in India. Join Free and qualify as a distributor or consumer by purchasing for Rs. 2000_ or above. Any purchase above Rs. 1000/- is shipped free to your homes.

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