I have always maintained the fact that the human body can fight any malaise or disease and any depression if the mind can remain strong. Mindset is a result of the perceptions we develop about our self during our growing years from the environment we live in, the friends who guide us, the family values etc. These perceptions later become beliefs and get etched in our mind and thereby guide our lifestyle, our thoughts and our actions. This mindset is very difficult to change and we keep resisting changes all our life.

If the people around us feed us with the notion that we cannot become a businessman because our nature doesn’t allow us to do so, this becomes our perception and finally we start believing that this is a fact and resist any inclination towards becoming a businessman even if all the factors around us are favorable enough. We base our life on the notion that we are incompetent to take up anything new.

The best way to beat this problem is to change our environment to a group of people who can inspire us to take up a career or a venture that we feel is closest to our hearts. Slowly the mindset changes and eventually we will be able to do what we feel is incumbent within our hearts.

The biggest disease of the mind is submitting to the fear of what others including our friends, closest family members or colleagues think of us. When we develop a mindset that makes us happy there is no place for disease in our body. So change the environment and as a result change the mindset.

We are what we think we are!!!!

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