Last week on a training program related to Internet Marketing, I learnt a great lesson that we all consciously know about but have dropped the ball on this fact during the days of school and college. This is one major difference the great ones or successful ones from the vast majority of people who are and remain mediocre all the way to the end of their lives.

I am a firm believer that our lives are not supposed to be spent all for ourselves and our dearest ones. We have a bigger role to play in society at large and need to contribute to daily life problems that society faces in whatever way we can. Hence as parents and elders we need to ask our children at a very young age to find out how they would like to contribute to society and the answer will determine their future careers. It gives them a plethora of opportunities to explore and excel in.

With that said let me come back to the one thing that separates the successful ones from the mediocre. Its the way they lead their lives. Its called pleasing results vs pleasing methods. he mediocre look for the easy way of doing things and do not focus on their vision and goals. They seldom learn things on their own and wait for someone to come and hold their hands and lead them along the way. The rockstars meanwhile challenge the status quo and look for means that will help them achieve their goals at all costs. They will do things that they don’t necessarily like, take the calculated risks along the way to glory. They are goal focused and not driven by comfortable methods. The great ones may have a bumpy ride bu their journey ends at their destination more often that not. The mediocre look for the best route available at all times and give it up when the road turns bad.

Help the next generation of kids to become result oriented and not worry about the journey. It will help bung up more and more success stories and inspirations in society.

The road to majestic locations are often the toughest to navigate!!!!

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