“The greatest days in our lives are the days when our dreams come true”.

Its a rare experience when a dream comes true. We live on borrowed time from the day we are born. During the time we live, the constant quest is to find out the reason for our existence. and the only way we find out that reason is by pursuing our dreams and when they manifest we know who we are.

If anyone has ever dreamed of being to Kailash Manasarovar don’t waste any more time pondering over whether to go or not. Do whatever it takes and get there. The tour is the greatest course that life can teach. The lessons learnt are priceless. The money we pay for the tour is petty when it comes to the value the tour brings about for us.

The 5 big lessons I learnt are:

1. The greatest obstacles in life can only be overcome by mental toughness, physical endurance and sheer will power and not by physical strength and scholastic intelligence.

2. We stand to smile or regret the decisions we make. Listen to the heart in the toughest situations.

3. The easiest way to fight negativity is to be tough and stick to our decisions. We are the best judges of our physical and mental wellness.

4. Humans cannot fight and win over Nature. Nature provides a solution to every problem it poses.

5. The best laid plans come unstuck if we do not focus on our goals.

Let me illustrate with some stats here!!!

  1. 50 members planned the Parikrama (trek round Mt. Kailas).
  2. 12 were able to walk the entire route.
  3. 23 took the pony. 13 of them for the full route except for the 5 kms downhill from Dolma Pass. The rest of the pony riders took the pony only for the  5 kms ascent to Dolma Pass and walked rest of the distance.
  4. 4 never started the Yatra from the base camp.
  5. 11 returned to the base camp after the first day (12 kms).

Some of them felt they should have walked the entire route. Some were confident that they could complete the tour walking but listened to the nay sayers and  decided  to quit. The day when we went up Dolma Pass the weather was most conducive with sunshine despite the sub zero ( -6 degrees) temperature. Some of the most healthiest people in the group failed to withstand the  tough weather conditions while some of the weakest were able to coast through. The only difference was mental toughness.

It’s not a tour you can keep doing. For most it’s once in a lifetime. Many of them carry this regret for life on not having attempted to walk. This is exactly what happens to most of us when we make important decisions in life. We tend to take the half step or we never take the first step itself out of fears that really do not exist.

Uncertainty should be the last reason for us to not take important decisions in life. Beyond uncertainty lies true joy, beyond fear lies success.

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