Recently, I attended a training on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It was one of the best programs I ever attended. It is a must attend course. Though it was at a high level, it provided some extremely useful tips on the use of language as a character building tool (for lack of a better term). Its about how the brain processes information irrespective of the language used and taught the group on how appropriate use of words and phrases can really take your attitude and confidence to a whole new level.

Its not about vocabulary or grammar, its not about fluency or accent, its about articulation. Language becomes a very powerful tool when used the right way. Words and emotions are extremely powerful attributes to have when used the right way and extremely harmful when used incorrectly. Let me give a simple example. Lets take a sentence that has the word ‘but” in it. Consider this statement, ” You sang very well but your attire should have been better”. If the parts on either side of the word but is interchanged, the impact of the statement is completely different. Check the feeling differ when the statement is “You could have dressed better but you sang really well”. This is so because the human brain cannot process what is said before the but.

Similarly words like “if” and “try”should be avoided in sentences when possible. People take us seriously when we are ¬†assertive with our language rather than authoritative or linear in our voice patterns or intonation.

There were lot of other aspects about NLP that were covered which I will write about in future posts.

Do assimilate some information on  Neuro Linguistic Programming  to improve your personality!!!



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