The Salman Khan starrer “Kick” I felt was a real eye opener and I just keep watching the movie at every given opportunity. It has had such a great impact to my  thought process and thereby my life. Minus all the usual Bollywood romance and histrionics, the theme of the movie is what made me to think. In the movie the protagonist keeps looking for something to do that gives him an immense feeling of satisfaction or happiness which he calls the Kick throughout the movie. As the movie chugs along he realizes that all the kick he has been getting that far was based on his own achievements and adventures that he took up for himself such as jumping out of the window, reverse cycling on a roof top parapet, so on and so forth. Then he comes across a child who needs a heart surgery to survive and her parents give up their lives unable to arrange funds for the surgery. Our Hero then makes it his next mission to arrange enough funds so that the girl and many like her can live a normal life.

Now coming back to real life, are we all not is search of such kicks may not be to the heights of what is shown in the movie though? Yes, we all are and we all keep looking out for opportunities that make a difference in someone else’s life. As we grow older this urge to help someone grows stronger and stronger. In fact we indulge in such urges by way of advising someone, going out of the way and helping someone, being generous to the underprivileged, being charitable and volunteering in several social activities. What it gives us is that very happiness or kick we are all looking for.

Having said that we limit ourselves to these little things and never go beyond our potential to explore and experiment with greater ways to garner this kick. Inspiring a crowd rather than an individual, serving a whole community rather than a small group, helping an entire class rather than one child, providing opportunities to many rather than one individual are some of the things that come to mind. To do this we have to start thinking far beyond our inner circle and come out of our comfort zones. We need to help more and more people realize their dreams in life and inspire them to do the same for others.

Let me help with some thoughts of my own, invest in a sports facility instead of a second or third home, start a business along with the job so that you can employ/assist a few people-size is not the factor, but intent is. Go to schools as volunteers and train students to mitigate the shortage of teachers, develop a website and start sharing information that may be valuable to others who are in a similar trade as yours, manufacture essential stuff at low cost for the poor. Each one of us can definitely contribute in more ways than one , the intent is what matters.

So friends, venture out constantly to find something that gives the KICK and keep doing so till the end of you life. I promise even death will give us the same KICK when we reach there.

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