This year my wife and I made a decision to teach our  6 year old daughter at Home going forward. We duly applied for TC and got her off school. A lot of reactions came in, some of them insisted that we were doing wrong to the child and depriving her of a good life ahead while a few of them did appreciate  our decision and endorsed the fact that it was a gutsy decision indeed and some others termed it as progressive thinking.

This decision came about from a realization of some striking facts about the education system and what it produces:

  1. The Basic Educations system in India is outdated. I heard a great quote about this, ” Our education system is 19th century syllabus taught by 20th century teachers to 21st century students”. How true. Our education system was developed to make sure sufficient skills are available to create jobs in the industry. Since these skills are easily available now and there is enough supply to last several years the education imparted is redundant. Its only money making business.
  2. Specialized courses are so pricey that everyone cannot afford it. New age training is expensive and there is no guarantee of sustained job income as these skills get redundant in a very short period of time and one has to keep learning new skills.
  3. Jobs created from such education never give anyone a sense of satisfaction in the first place. I feel those who say they are happy with their jobs never really mean it.
  4. None of the education systems teach students how to handle their career and money. Invariably all of them have to learn it the hard way.
  5. The experts do not teach in colleges. A business, a great doctor, a good lawyer and the gurus in each of these fields have no time to teach as they are busy with their own businesses. Arjuna can be made only if there is a teacher like Dronacharya.

There are great benefits of homeschooling for those who look at it as an option:

  1. The opportunity to explore beyond a standard syllabus.
  2. Learning at ones own pace. It is understood that two years of normal schooling can be completed in one year of home schooling.
  3. Our perceptions at childhood lead to the beliefs we hold as teens and these beliefs develop the character we re as a grown up. One thing is for certain. No parent will ever teach their children things that they are not supposed to learn.
  4. Children will be kept away from an ineffective education system and will be open to learn new things and pursue what they love to do…sports, music, art and so on. The socializing can happen there.
  5. No exam pressure or the need to be part of the rat race.
  6. No uniforms, rules and regulations, bullying, huge fees etc.
  7. The opportunity to travel, live and learn anywhere in the world.

Think of it. In my opinion kids are not missing something but they are gaining more from home based schooling. If the terminal end of school and college based education is getting a job…I will for one never vouch for it.


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