As Humans we have the power of discrimination and that is the reason  that makes us value something called Lifestyle a lot more than what we need to survive. Animals Survive-Humans Live!!!!!!

If a poor man is given wealth the first thing that changes is Lifestyle!!!! Rarely do people continue to live the way they did when they are given a fortune!!!! That’s an inherent human nature how much ever one disagrees. We tend to complain about growing inflation but never have an iota of worry when we take our kids out to an expensive restaurant or to a vacation even if not doing so would not make any difference. Therefore Lifestyle is important to everyone.

There is nothing wrong with this tendency. Why not enjoy abundance of time and money when we are able to do so and even better if we can help others who are less privileged to do so.

I came across one such organization that helps people to become wealthy and  realize their dreams through a great collection of lifestyle products business and it has been the greatest education program I have ever come across that provides a person everything is needed to become wealthy and lead a great lifestyle while having a lot of fun. Some intangible aspects about this program is:

  1. Helps change mindset by being with very successful leaders.
  2. Helps create personal wealth.
  3. Teaches financial, human resource and personal management.
  4. Teaches leadership qualities.
  5. Tranches humanity and social acumen.
  6. Its futuristic in nature.

What it takes:

  1. A purpose or need to  achieve something in life.
  2. 10-15 hours of dedicated time per week. Not spare time.
  3. Eagerness to learn from leaders outside our industry.
  4. decision making ability. Can I take some serious decisions to change my life?
  5. An Industry that is futuristic, that is people based and only grows with team work. My success depends on others success. Create more leaders like me.

If one can meet these criteria, its good to go!!!!!!

It takes 3-5 years of sustained effort at very low start up cost and the potential wealth creation totals to INR 3-5 crores.

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