Communication is the key to building long term relationships, more effective the communication,  stronger the relationship.

Effective communication has some very important factors:

  1. Time:  It is important to know if we are communicating at the right time. Its not appropriate to deliver a happy moment in your life to a person who has lost someone dear.
  2. Appreciate: Communication should always convey our sense of appreciation for the receiver of the communication.
  3. Integrity: Whenever we communicate make sure we know we stand by what we say.
  4. Need: Make sure the receiver of the communication needs to know what we wish to tell them. Else it is gossip.
  5. Knowledge: Make sure we know enough about the matter we wish to communicate.
  6. Listening: Listening is also an imprint factor while communicating. Its is an opportunity to learn when we are listening.
  7. Giving: We should always communicate with a sense of giving. It helps build long lasting relationships.

There are many opportunities we miss in our lives just because we fail to communicate our thoughts and ideas to others. Many feel language forms a barrier but that is seldom the case. It is important to convey the message without worrying about  how the receiver interprets the message and hence communication should be clear and conclusive. Make life easier for both parties.

So go out there and talk your hearts!!!

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