Internet has evolved as a very powerful system for earning over the last 20 years and today millions are taking to the internet to build a self-employed career using some amazing systems available to choose from.

There are various ways one can earn from the internet and the skill levels vary off course.

Let’s discuss a few here:

  1. Selling products online:
  1. Sell your own products by setting up a website and displaying your products. The investment required is minimal and there are people who can do this for you. is a site where you can set up your own website by outsourcing it to the experts at a very low price.

If you wish to setup a website with domain and hosting services ALL In ONE at a very affordable price consider  using the services of :


  1. Sell other’s products: This is also called affiliate marketing. These are systems that have been setup by internet marketing experts and you will get paid commissions when you make a sale for those Commissions are bigger based on the value the products offer to the buyer. Once you become an expert you can then move on to selling your own products and programs online. There are thousands of such businesses online. You need to do a lot of research to figure out the good ones. Investment wise it’s not much of risk as most of these programs can be started with investments ranging from $10 USD to $1000 USD and more, some have monthly subscriptions while others have one time life time payment to become a permanent member or affiliate.

Following are a list of some of the best affiliates: it’s the easiest way to setup an earning online and also learn marketing on the internet. Some of these programs are free while others have subscriptions. It is kind of capital cost for setting up system. For the high value sales funnel there may be one time capital costs for lifetime membership.

Plugin Profit System-This is a great place to start learning and earning on the internet. It has a collection of 5 of the best Affiliate marketing businesses ‘consolidated at one place I your own personalised website which will be built for you free if you have a domain or at USD 10$ if you don’t have one. You can be part of all the 5 businesses or select the ones you want depending upon your budget. The training is awesome.

Plug In Profit System

If you have some experience with internet Marketing and wish to become a PRO then Super Affiliate Network is where you would want to be: This program offers fantastic one on one coaching till the time the business is setup and you are good enough to run with it. Their high value offers are big money generating sales funnels and by the end of it you will become an expert in Internet Marketing.

The Super Affiliate Network

To learn and Enjoy Affiliate Marketing as a part time experience, you can look at SFI. It’s a 20 year old system that has produced many millionaires across the world. It also comes with lot of games, auctions, super deals and stuff. Its free to join and a great platform for those who wish to explore and learn

SFI Affiliate Marketing

Online Sales PRO– Another good one is the Online Sales PRO-It has a monthly or yearly subscription and is a great platform to enhance and boost incomes on your online businesses.

Online Sales PRO

ForexTakeOver:  This is one for the people who are ready to go the distance and make some huge profits. Its an educational platform that teaches you about Forex Trading which is the most common form of financial trading in the world and where many people have made their fortunes. Along with the educational product you can also leverage the system to make some money by selling the product and also gain huge advantages by actually doing forex trading as per the recommendations of the program. Its one more month away from launch and the best time to get in.


Read this section carefully It’s very Important!!!!!!

  1. Building an Email list and running traffic: Joining an Affiliate Business or Setting up your own website and displaying products online is the first step to setting up a successful business online. However this step will only provide you the education and a system that will help launch your business without going through the tedious and technical process of building a website, setting up a sales funnel, so and so forth.

The next thing to do is advertise or drive traffic to your website and product funnels. There are many ways of doing this and each of these methods can also double up as a business opportunity, just like the businesses above. By building a big email list you can also use the email list to earn income by becoming a traffic provider yourself.  The money lies in the list as they say about Internet Marketing.

So let’s look at some of these email building and traffic generation methods:

Email List Building: These are programs where you can build your email lists and automate your email responses to these email addresses. Email marketing is by far the best way to generate business. However composing emails for every list and sending them out frequently is a very stressful activity and hence these programs offer an autoresponder service where you can set the timing and frequency of pre drafted mails. It’s a great way to ensure follow ups with your leads or prospects.

  1. Aweber: It’s the best one available there.
  2. GetResponse: A very popular email list builder

Traffic Generation: Traffic Generation is the online way to advertise your products and services. It can be done in many different ways Traffic generation needs some money to be used on a monthly basis to get consistent results in terms of sales revenue. This is kind of the working capital for an online business.

    1. Social Media: Publish your affiliate links on all your social media pages and once people start clicking on it some of them may opt to sign up for your newsletters or may even sign up directly on some of your sales funnels. You can use Free and Paid Advertising on almost all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
    2. Solo Ads: By far the best way to advertise your best funnels and sales pages. This method involves sending your affiliate page to solo ad vendors who have a big and high quality email list. These vendors charge anything between 10 cents to 1.5 dollars per guaranteed unique click received for your ad. This method is the best way to get qualified prospects and helps build a quality sales funnel and generates sales the quickest. Genuine solo ad vendors are hard to find and can be done so on Facebook and skype ad groups. You have to negotiate for the prices and congruency (relevance to the program) of their email lists.
    3. Credit Mailers: This method is not as effective as Solo Ads but can generate few leads if done consistently. If you are operating on a shoe string budget, these are some excellent ways to advertise and generate revenue. Once you have a bit of money from sales you can then buy higher quality traffic with higher opt in (people who sign up by providing an email address) rates. Here are some sites where you can advertise for free every few days and also get paid services at lower costs. Some like AD Messenger also provide guaranteed clicks.
      1. Ad Messenger
      2. State of the Art Mailer
      3. List Bonus
      4. Kiss Mails
      5. Viral Ad Mailer

There are many more ways and I will keep updating this section as and when I sign up and test new systems. The good thing is that all these traffic sites also pay for referrals and can become revenue generating sources themselves while also driving traffic to your product or service links. So you can now gauge how powerful internet marketing can become over a period of time. Each of these products you buy becomes an income generating stream by itself.

  1. Surveys and Pay per Click Ads: In these programs you can click on advertisements and earn a small fee for viewing these ads. It’s a bit of effort to keep clicking on these daily but over a period of time if done consistently can grow into a big income. You can also earn income by completing simple surreys online

Here is an example of this type of income:

Bit to Click

Global Test Market

Again these programs can become great sources of affiliate and referral income by themselves over a period of time.


Finally a few works of advice:

  1. A good internet marketing system is built on four basic blocks: A website or system. A great High Value Sales Funnel, Consistent High quality traffic and Sustained follow-up by Email. Some of the best affiliate networks set this system up for you at very low costs and then take you step by step to the higher levels by helping you position yourself at the right place. Remember you get commissions for the product you have purchased and used and everything below that in the sales funnel. You will get a $2000 commission on a product sale only if you have purchased that product. This is called positioning.
  2. There are two ways of going about it:
    1. Purchase a high value product and position yourself to earn more commissions. You will need fewer leads, fewer sales and will also be provided with very advanced sales support. This is also called a “Done for You System”. Reduced effort for higher investment.
    2. Learn the nitty gritty of the system by going through the extensive training system and do most of the setup work yourself and then generate high sales volume by sustained traffic campaigns. More effort but less expenses. Commissions will be lower for low value products and therefore sale volumes have to be very high. It’s like selling 1 Mercedes Benz vs 10 compact cars.
  3. While buying traffic don’t go for cheap stuff. You will get duped or scammed in most cases. For e.g. someone offering 2000 clicks for $100 USD. It’s too good to be true.
  4. Make sure you spend 2-3 hours daily on building and learning till you have mastered the system and set up a consistent revenue stream.
  5. There are hundreds of programs out there on the internet and its best to start with one or two systems and the build income streams slowly. You will be tempted to register into multiple programs at once. Remember all of these systems need effort. No one does it for you for free. So only have that much in your plate that you can eat and digest.
  6. Ear mark your finances and see that you do not go over budget. It’s easy to lose money in these programs. Once revenue starts coming in, increase your monthly traffic expenses to generate more sales.
  7. Enjoy and don’t worry when you lose once in a while. Keep learning!

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