“To Survive change oneself after a change happens.

To Succeed-change oneself with the change happening.

To Lead-initiate the change oneself”

Change is constant. The Universe is governed by continuous change. Nothing in the universe remains constant, it changes over time. It also applies to us as humans. We do keep changing physically, its inevitable as it is something beyond our control.  However its our habits and lifestyle that needs change more often than it is today. Movement is the key to healthy body and mind. he bowel movement, air movement, fluid movement and joint and muscle movement keep the body healthy. Any disruption in movement will cause health issues. The speed of movement may decrease with age but the movement still happens.

Same applies to the mind. Past baggage should be removed for the movement of fresh thoughts. A positive disruption in mindset leads to acceptance of change in environment, in relationships, in emotional quotient, in confidence, in attitude, in aptitude and eventually leads to new goals and purpose in life.

For those who feel mediocre out there go all out and make that paradigm shift to the current lifestyle. Find out a new purpose and pursue it. Challenge the status quo and make a difference to the lives of people around us and our own.

As Helen Keller said, life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

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