Traditionally all businesses that were setup required and even today requires huge capital coots, sustained running expenses and add to that advertising and distribution costs.  In this model it is often difficult to keep product costs down. The product is 4 to 5 times the manufacturing cost by the time it reaches the customer.

Some manufacturers and businesses further delved into the idea of franchising and multi brand retail such as McDonald’s and Walmart respectively setting up franchisees all over the globe thus providing new entrepreneurs setup businesses leveraging Standard Operating Models and Best Business Practices.

Then the online revolution led by companies such as Amazon, EBay and Alibaba came to the party and now the manufacturer got deeper and wider market penetration and the customer was even more happy with frequently available discounted rates, offers and to add icing to cake the product is delivered to home.

In all the above business models, it was the end customer who spent the money while all the other parties in the supply chain  made profits.

The advent of direct selling as an industry changed the game forever. The customer now become a part of the supply chain and thereby got a share of the profits too for each sale and resale enabled through the customer. Now the common man with a very small start up cost required to purchase a product and with little or no running costs, no workshop, no store, no employees or staff and no licensing effort is able to setup a business that he or she can expand globally.

The industry turns in about $200 Bn USD in annual revenues and 45% of that money goes back to partners as commissions. It is prevalent in 200 countries around the world and it is estimated that in the next 10-15 years 1 out of 3 people in the world will be a direct seller of some kind. It is slowly becoming the norm and in my opinion it is the greatest way of building a life long sustainable income.

One need not be a great sales guy or an extrovert by nature to build great fortune and wealth. It only requires a change in mindset and patience. Once the organization is built the business runs in auto pilot almost, providing the representative with sustained and exponentially increasing income. It also takes little time to build such wealth, typically 3-7 years if one sticks on and learns the trade through he company’s standing operating process.

Direct Selling also has some intangible benefits in the long term:

  1. Association with a group of highly energetic and positive minded people.
  2. The business grows by helping others grow and hence it is definitely social in nature.
  3. Being part of a group on entrepreneurs, one gets to learn good financial acumen and effective leadership and communication skills.
  4. The business is easy to duplicate and provides a great choice for our future generations.
  5. Helps one find a true purpose in life if not already found and helps fulfill dreams that seem distant reality for the 97 percenters.

Go For it..become a direct seller and change lives!!!!!!

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