Remember the days of old when advertising used to be small newspaper columns, pamphlets and mailers and off course TV ads. All of these are still relevant today but are only effective to local and national audiences. However with internet becoming a medium of advertising, owning a business has become so much more easy. Now with Facebook with 1.6 billion subscribers, solo ads, free safe list advertising so on ad so forth, running a business on the internet and reaching out to a global customer base has opened up the boundaries for so many people around the world. Today you can own a business and run it from the comforts of your home. No travel, no big advertising budgets required and even cost of setting up a new business is close to negligible.

Affordable Quality Website Traffic
So lets look at some of the main sources of advertising our products and services on the internet:

  1. Email Marketing: You can send out messages on a Email with details of the products and services you offer to a list of  addresses some of whom you may know while there may be others you don’t. This is free of cost. You can automate your email advertising campaigns through the use of Autoresponders such as Aweber or GetResponse. I recommend TrafficWave for its flexibility and training as well as its income making potential.
  2. Solo Ads: Solo Ads is advertising your product or service link via an authorized ad seller on the internet. There are many people across the world who have huge Email lists that can be categorized based on demography, location and even based on the specific type of people we are looking to advertise to also called targeted audience. Here we pay per click of our ad link. Look at Udimi for solo Ad vendors. I will also recommend Fiverr  for those on a low  monthly advertising Budget
  3. Safelist Advertising: This is not as effective as Solo Ads in terms of conversions but still effective over the long term. It is free or sometimes incur relatively small subscription fees or one time payments. These are traffic exchanges which advertise our ad to a huge number of internet users across the world but not as targeted as Solo Ads. This is very effective for the beginners or people working on a shoe string budget.  Try and avoid Autosurfing Ad sites. They tend to spam mail boxes. Attached is a list of several such safelists. There are many many more, nut this one is a list of the better ones.

Safelist Sources

Note: Its best to have paid membership in some of the Traffic Exchanges, Downline Builders or Email Exchanges. That allows us to have some great sources of Income and also extra benefits that come with the low cost upgrades. My recommendations would be Lead Lightning ($7 one time), European Safelist, Referral Frenzy, TEProfits and RealHttz4U for upgrades.

4. Banner Ads:  In this case you can advertise your banner ads from your affiliate  company and anyone who clicks on these ad banners will be directed to our product or service offer page.

5. Facebook Ads: We can create ad campaigns on Facebook by opening a Facebook Ad account and also advertise too targeted audience. Pricing can vary based on duration of ad, audience, reach etc.

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